Tech Startups

Startup and early-stage tech companies share many of the legal challenges that their more mature counterparts face, but they also have unique legal needs. As someone who has started businesses and worked with countless entrepreneurs, I recognize those unique needs and can help young companies to form a solid legal foundation that will facilitate their growth and success. We build that foundation through:

  • Proper entity formation, including:
    • The best choice of entity (LLC, C Corp, S Corp, Benefits Corp, Partnership, Nonprofit) with the right kind of capital structure
    • Bylaws that address the unique governance needs of that company
    • Thoughtful, forward-looking Shareholder Agreements, LLC Operating Agreements, and Partnership Agreements
    • Employee compensation arrangements, including equity participation, that allow the company to grow and attract the talented people it needs
  • Carefully structured equity investment and debt transactions
  • Proactive intellectual property protection and strategies
  • Savvy product development and distribution agreements
  • Privacy Policies and Terms of Use that not only comply with all regulatory requirements, but are understandable and reassuring for your users
  • The right kinds and amounts of business insurance
  • A lawyer with an entrepreneurial mindset

Work with an attorney who has been an entrepreneur and understands how entrepreneurs think. Please contact the Law Office of Glen M. Secor to get your business off the ground and help it grow.