What is an entrepreneur? (What defines my clients?)

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This week, a BNI colleague asked why I enjoy working with entrepreneurs. I replied that entrepreneurs are interesting…innovative, risk-taking, etc. And that’s true. But this article from Inc. Magazine nails a central trait of entrepreneurs that I didn’t mention: RESOURCEFULNESS, including the drive and ability to move forward without access to all the “necessary” resources. This is not just grit or perseverance – it’s the capacity to adapt and to make progress with whatever resources are at hand. My start-up and early-stage clients never have all the resources they want and need at any given moment. But they don’t just “make do” with what they have, they make what they have work. So it’s up to me to make my services work for them, to add value to their businesses in ways they can afford. In this way, I guess I’m being pretty resourceful (and entrepreneurial) in my own right.