Copyright Industries Make Key Contributions to US Economy

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The International Intellectual Property Association is out with their 2020 report (covering 2019). “Core Copyright Industries” are computer software, books, music, motion pictures, television and radio, newspapers, video games, and magazines and journals. This sector contributes significantly to our economy, as well as our culture. So kudos to those companies, to individual creators, and to the copyright lawyers who represent them!

Key stats include:

  • Contribution to GDP: $1.59 trillion (7.4% of the US economy)
  • Employment: 5.7 million workers (3.8% of the US workforce)
  • Avg. Annual Growth 2016-2019: 5.87% (vs. 2.48% for the overall economy)

Report Cites 5.7 Million US Employees in ‘Core’ Copyright Industries