We provide legal and tax advice and services to help you start, grow, and exit your business.

We also provide formation and governance services for nonprofits.

Business Transactions

We provide legal and tax advice and services to help you start, grow, and exit your business. We also provide formation and compliance advice to nonprofits. Business Formations Business Agreements Business Transitions Nonprofits

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Business Formations

Starting a business is both exhilarating and stressful. Let us remove some of that stress. We offer legal and tax advice and services to form your LLC, S Corporation, or C Corporation correctly and efficiently: Identifying the right legal and tax entity (LLC, S Corp, C Corp) for your State, local, and IRS Filings: MA […]

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Business Agreements

Contracts are essential to every business. We offer expert negotiation and drafting services for a full range of business transactions and agreements: Ownership Agreements Vendor Agreements Customer Agreements (including online) Distribution Agreements Financing Agreements (bank and investor) Franchise Agreements Employment Agreements Copyright & Trademark licenses Software Agreements Business Sale and Acquisition Agreements

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Business Transitions

Business Exits & Acquisitions: You are ready to sell your business or transition to the next generation or to your employees. Or perhaps you are buying a business. We offer expert legal and tax advice to make the sale, transition, or acquisition as smooth and successful as possible. We do this through effective deal structuring, […]

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You are mission-driven. Whether your nonprofit organization already exists or you are looking to form one, we can support you with expert legal and tax advice. Formation: Incorporation and 501(c)(3) applications Governance and Compliance: advising management and boards on legal matters; corporate record-keeping; legal and tax filings

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COVID-19 Survival for Small Businesses & Nonprofits

PPP Advice: We can explain the program, review your loan documentation, and assist with PPP forgiveness paperwork. Bankruptcy Avoidance: In normal times, struggling businesses can restructure debt, leases, and other business agreements to stay solvent and out of bankruptcy. A way to survive and then grow again. In the Covid-19 world, almost all businesses have […]

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Employment Matters

Employment Contracts: Offer Letters; Employment Agreements; Non-Disclosure & IP Agreements; Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation restrictions; Separation & Severance Agreements; Independent Contractor Agreements Policies & Compliance: Employment Policies; Employee Classification; Wage Laws Equity Compensation: Plan design (restricted stock/stock options/phantom stock); tax planning (employer & employee); documentation & agreements

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Services for Software, Internet & Content Companies

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of tech and creative enterprises. Software, internet, and content companies also enter into unique transactions and agreements. Let our copyright, trademark, trade secret, and transactional experience work for you. Trademark and copyright registrations Trademark and copyright licensing agreements Technology licenses Software and website development agreements SaaS agreements Co-development and […]

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Startups & Early-Stage Companies

Startups and early-stage companies share many of the legal challenges that their more mature counterparts face, but they also have unique legal needs. As someone who has started businesses and worked with countless entrepreneurs, I recognize those unique needs and can help young companies to form a solid legal foundation that will facilitate their growth […]

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