Practice Areas

Business Law

Contracts. Business formation and dissolution. Intellectual property. Financing transactions. Commercial leases. Insurance. Corporate governance. Employment matters. Data security and privacy. Regulatory compliance. These are the business issues and transactions that make up business law. But what is the role of a business lawyer? Some business people view lawyers, including sometimes even their own lawyer, as […]

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business law

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of tech and creative enterprises. For such companies, business strategy and IP strategy are inseparable. Effective IP strategy strategies are critical components of successful business strategies. Indeed, IP strategy is business strategy. Copyright, trademark, and trade secret protection are essential elements of IP management. You need to do your […]

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Startups & Early-Stage Companies

Startups and early-stage companies share many of the legal challenges that their more mature counterparts face, but they also have unique legal needs. As someone who has started businesses and worked with countless entrepreneurs, I recognize those unique needs and can help young companies to form a solid legal foundation that will facilitate their growth […]

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start up business