Billing Philosophy & Fee Structures

We approach a legal representation as a project, with a scope of work, deliverables, a schedule, and a budget. Our billing philosophy is to be as specific as possible up-front and to then make sure there are no surprises.

  • Fixed/Flat-fee Packages: Certain types of transactions are known quantities in terms of the work involved. We offer flat-fee packages for:
    • Most business formations, conversions, and dissolutions
    • Nonprofit formation and 501(c)(3) applications
    • Certain types of document review and preparation
    • Copyright and trademark registrations
  • Hourly: For work that does not lend itself to flat-fee pricing or monthly retainers, we bill by the hour. Whenever possible, we estimate the number of hours needed and use that estimate to establish a “not to exceed without consent” budget. When time estimates are not possible, we bill on a regular schedule so that you know what fees you are incurring.
  • Monthly Retainer: For companies with steady legal needs but who do not have an in-house counsel, we offer a cost-effective, monthly retainer program.